Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery


Photographic Printing will catch your eye.

We specialize in full-color process photographic printing directly on a variety of materials, delivering an attention grabber that won't crack or fade like other methods. Any print gets our detailed direct-impression process for rugged utility and an enduring keepsake. We have a long history of printing on unusual and one-of-a-kind items and offer packages with popular apparel at reasonable prices or supply your own. Our recommended vendors for print/embroidery ready apparel are SanMar and alphabroder.

FOR EYE CATCHING PRINTS AT REASONABLE PRICES call us at (602) 269-0222 or email

Embroidery has a touch of Class.

Especially when applying images across a seam and on many materials, embroidery offers quality and always bears a tangible permanence that speaks refinement. We have lots of quality apparel, accessories and merchandise ready for your organization logo or personal brand.

FOR CLASSY PERSONALIZED ITEMS call us at (602) 269-0222 or email

Special Events are a passion with us.

We love the beautiful artwork often presented for special events and do our absolute best to respect and preserve the finery and detail that such lovely art deserves. We print from one-of-a-kinds to many thousands and proudly stand behind our work and delicate treatment on each item.

FOR YOUR VERY SPECIAL EVENTS call us at (602) 269-0222 or email

Sports is how we started.

We began the business printing sports team jerseys and over many years have custom printed on countless kinds of sporting goods and accessories in a wide range of materials that often require delicate management of special ink additives to ensure attractive and durable finishes.

We appreciate our long history with scholastic, civic and corporate institutions and offer a complete range of uniforms and various apparel, shirts, accessories and promotional merchandise and we'll print on whatever you have. Our recommended vendors for print/embroidery ready apparel are SanMar and alphabroder.

FOR ALL YOUR TEAM NEEDS call us at (602) 269-0222 or email

Printing can be 3D.

We regularly research new techniques and have many years' experience in raised and metallic inks and foil processes that really pop! Mix them with strong designs and get something really unique and special. We also add applique pieces on special projects.

FOR UNIQUE AND SPECIAL TREATMENTS call us at (602) 269-0222 or email

Quality is personal.

We handle all printing and embroidery personally at our studio, never trusting quality to someone else. As a long running business, your items will be handled by persons with decades of experience, highly skilled and committed to quality at reasonable prices.

FOR PERSONAL QUALITY AT REASONABLE PRICES call us at (602) 269-0222 or email